Local marketing expert and co founder of Richmond’s

Ashwagandha relieves you from stress and boost blood circulation. It boosts sex drive and ensures mental clarity. It naturally restores sexual vitality and vigor. We really at the beginning of this, more than anything.”Colbeck said the vacant buildings certainly don’t help increase foot traffic in the area, which is vital, nor do they generate an optimal amount of property taxes.Colbeck said at this point, none of the owners are delinquent in taxes, but possible renovations and revitalizations could help boost the values of the properties, and in turn, the amount of taxes paid.For the last three years, the DDA has seen a decrease in property tax revenue.In 2007 08, the DDA received $316,559 in Tax Increment Financing. TIF allows all taxable value within the DDA boundaries to generate tax revenue for the DDA instead of the city of Ypsilanti. That number has declined over the years and in 2013 14, the DDA expects it to further decline to $239,138.”They really not generating the optimal amount of property taxes,” Colbeck said.

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